Everything we do is geared towards helping you get the highest possible return for your inventory. As a s2s publisher, you possess the right to approve or decline any advertiser at any part of time. Our Publisher User Interface is intuitive, providing real-time campaign performance, activity, fill rate, and revenue earning data in real time.

s2s brings you quality ads from the leading advertisers around the world. While much of these ads come from direct advertisers, we also have extensive relationships with the largest exchanges in the industry, ensuring that just about every impression served is monetized.

Will get you the best demand because we make all our demand partners work harder to get you the best ads and CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, CPI rate. We work with direct advertisers to get best demand. You can set floors price and passback tags. We can scan all the ads through Themediatrust to make sure all your as are malware free and no restrictive categories.